CUP N Learning Company's tutoring service: Comprehension and Understanding to improve your Performance.

CUP’N Learning is a learning center that allows learners of all ages to use their strengths to strengthen their weaknesses. We provide the community with a place where every learner has the opportunity to gain skills and knowledge that will help him or her excel in his or her personal endeavors.


CUP’N Learning is working to help bring all generations together to grow, learn, and strengthen mathematical and literary skills, all while doing what he or she enjoys. We offers a variety of programs, enrichment, workshops, events and services for kids, teens, young adults, and adults.

CUP'N Learning offers a variety of programs, from

 homework help to SAT Prep. 

CUP'N Learning’s tutoring service offers personalized, 1-on-1 instructions that helps students gain confidence, improve grades, and learn new skills. Choosing CUP N Learning's tutoring service for tutoring is about setting your child or yourself up for success. Discover how CUP N Learning's tutoring service works for families like yours — from our personal approach, to our interactive learning, to our amazing results. Raise your CUP to success.

CUP'N Learning created a Math and ELA Curriculum.

CUP'N Learning's MIE Learning and PAL Writing Enrichment Programs offers youth the opportunity to explore math and ELA through their passion.


MIE Learning

MIE Learning is a curriculum designed to transform how math is viewed, so that the question, "When will I use this?" is answered. Each program explores math concepts such as fractions, measurement, Ratios, and more. Make math fun by participating in MIE Learning.

PAL Writing

PAL Writing is a curriculum designed to make reading and writing exciting and sharpen comprehension skills. Each program is designed to connect reading and writing with movement, rhythm, creativity and and sound. Make reading, writing, and comprehension fun by participating in PAL Writing.

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